Recall Studios Completes Transaction Audit Advancing Operational Plans and Uplisting Strategy.

The Digital Resurrection of the Late Rapper Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music Festival.

Recall Studios (OTC:BTOP), including its consolidated subsidiaries, is a globally recognized, market leading developer of hyper-realistic digital humans – computer generated assets that can be distributed across the full spectrum of traditional media and emerging display technologies. This includes live entertainment, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, interactive and artificial intelligence applications. 

With proprietary patent pending technologies designed to provide attractive and disruptive alternatives for media consumption, Recall Studios is focused on creating software and experiential applications that elevate the way consumers interact with content.

Fruci & Associates, Recall’s outside auditing firm, completed a Company audit which included recently acquired artificial intelligence technology company Evolution AI Corporation, as well as its majority interest in Pulse Evolution Corporation, a globally recognized leader in the development of hyper-realistic digital humans for entertainment.

The audit findings support Recall’s latest acquisition and the combined companies are expected to meet the listing requirements of the NYSE, allowing Recall to take the next step in its operational strategy and uplisting plans as described by CEO John Textor during the latest shareholder call.

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Evolution AI

Evolution AI was founded by new media pioneer John Textor, who has become Recall Studios’ newly appointed Chief Executive Officer. Textor was recently described by Forbes magazine as: “Hollywood’s Virtual Reality Guru.” and has developed some of the first Digital Human performances and its subsidiaries are some of the most recognized in emerging media.

Evolution AI is committed to applications of Mixed Reality (VR and AR) and the important role that digital humans will play in the future of artificial intelligence. The acquisition of Evolution AI Corporation provides Global Market Visibility, Worldwide Product Distribution Opportunities, and Access to Key Strategic Shareholders that would otherwise take years to establish.


Pulse Evolution Corporation

Pulse Evolution Corporation (OTC: “PLFX”), is a globally recognized leader in the development of hyper-realistic digital humans for live shows, virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic, 3D stereoscopic, web, mobile, interactive and artificial intelligence applications.

Pulse Evolution and its principles are most popularly known for producing some of the most visually stunning digital humans in the history of entertainment, including:

  • The Academy Award lead character in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

  • The digital alter-ego of Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy (2010)

  • The holographic performance of Virtual Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival (2012)

  • Virtual Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards (2014)

Take a Look at Some of Their Work Below

The combined companies are expected to meet the listing requirements of the NYSE. 

In an arena with VR/AR stocks as big as Google, Facebook, Snap, and Apple, Recall Studios could be positioned for tremendous growth at current levels by leveraging its intellectual property, recent acquisitions and newly launched applications to head to the top of the multi-billion-dollar VR/AR space. 

Recall Studios is focused on introducing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to the masses in ways that are different from other companies. With the enormous potential for VR and AR, both technologies have created interest and excitement through multiple industries and corporate sectors.

Building on its past work for some of the most noteworthy companies in the world, including BMW, Macallan, and Lexis Nexis, Recall Studios’ technologies are influencing the future by producing more and more immersive alternative reality experiences. Hardware and software, gaming, logistics, education, entertainment, and social media, are just some of the many sectors disrupted and positively influenced by VR and AR.

With over 216 million projected VR users worldwide by 2025, fierce competition continues to grow between aged companies trying to remain at the forefront of VR and AR development. There is, however, a limited number of companies focused exclusively on the average consumer’s ability to create and experience VR.

Many companies are gambling on various means to deploy VR and AR. Based on competitive research and the absence of similar applications targeting the same audience, industry heavyweights paying close attention as they work towards becoming a leader in the VR and AR multi-billion dollar markets.


Innovation in a Market with 5B Users

Recall Studios’ innovative products The world is shifting from physical to virtual. The way many things are currently done will go through a monumental change due to virtual reality and augmented reality technology. The biggest problem in the past with virtual reality has been the price point and the inability to get more consumers interested. Recall Studiosis focused on changing this.

The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the 5 billion mark by 2019 and these users will be able to use VR and AR from providers like Recall Studios.

Imagine being away on a business trip. What if a child could still see their parent across the dinner table at home even though the parent is thousands of miles away? Now imagine a parent being at work when their child takes their first steps. Seeing the video on your phone will never be the same as being there in person. Recall’s proprietary VR software can make the event seem like it’s reality on a phone! Currently there is no way to convert traditionally filmed video into a truly immersive environment without significant distortion. BTOP is set out to change this.

Recall Studios is targeting primarily the private consumer market and is developing proprietary software that will allow the average consumer to be present in their family’s life even when they are thousands of miles from home all with the help of a smartphone. They are going a step beyond current technologies that allow users to interact with traditional video by developing proprietary software that will allow you to be virtually present in your family’s life.

With Remmersion you can experience this moment as if you were there, by converting the video your spouse filmed with her phone into an immersive, headset ready, VR experience without the need for any specialized camera or editing software. All of Recall Studios’ VR and AR software is designed to be easy to use so that anyone can create, edit and view unique experiences. Recall brings the empathetic power of immersive media to anyone with a smartphone.

Recall has created a user friendly, drag and drop system that allows anyone to create exciting and meaningful 360 degree films that are not only fully immersive, but also interactive in a more human, voice activated manner.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are changing the world and Recall Studios is changing the way we interact with it! With a team led by seasoned entertainment and technology executives, Recall is committed to achieving significant growth through acquisitions and production.

Analysts have projected over 216 million VR users worldwide by 2025.


The Technology

The company is creating two pieces of proprietary VR software that will disrupt the current 360/VR editing and viewing experience as well as additional AR software that aims to bring families closer together when they are miles apart. Additionally, they are building a conversion software that will allow users to share memories and experiences shot on their mobile devices and convert them into a more immersive and meaningful viewing environment. This will give consumers that have never experienced or used VR an access point that is not only easily usable and accessible but also meaningful to their personal relationship.

The technology team also developed a web-based 360 degree editing environment that allows user to create non-linear, choose your own adventure’ style film experiences. The accompanying mobile app platform utilizes voice recognition software that allows the consumer to speak in their own vernacular as if they are a part of the story to control the outcome of the film at key decision points.

Recall Studios President Bradley Albert stated:

“We are creating advanced immersive software that will allow everyone, everywhere to be a part of this revolutionary technology. Recall is bringing the future to the people and the people to the future. With our software, we will change the way people across the world interact with each other.” Disclaimer: has entered into an agreement with Recall Studios to host this advertorial for a fee of $0.00 for a period starting november, 2018. we own zero shares of (OTC:BTOP) which we purchased in the open market. we may buy or sell shares of (OTC:BTOP) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the advertorial.

Recall Studios Disclaimer:

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