Integrated Cannabis Receives Licenses, Poised to Capture Huge Market Share in an Early Cannabis Market

Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (OTC:IGPK) is positioning itself to take advantage of the new Hemp bill in Wisconsin, and just this morning announced that it has been issued a Grow and Processing License, allowing them to not only grow and process their own hemp crop, but also process hemp crops from in or out of State.

Once known as “The Hemp Capital” of the United States, Wisconsin is a great place to grow, but farmers have a problem: too few places to process the crops. IGPK is poised to capture not only local but national market share by solving this problem.

The Company’s main mission is to create a Co-Op with the farmers, in which they will grow and harvest the hemp and bring it to Integrated to process. This will allow the farmers to keep doing what they know best without worrying about tariffs. The successful receipt of the Processing License was essential for IGPK to create this Co-Op with the surrounding farmers due to the lack of hemp processing capacity within the State. 


Integrated Cannabis is purchasing a 200 acres in Wisconsin with 160 acres of tillable land and plenty of room for a processing plant, storage and hops to grow seedlings.  The farm will be used as a showcase for local farmers, nevermind that the purchase of the farm will give IGPK a solid real estate asset on the books.

The farm IGPK is purchasing once grew hemp and tobacco and currently grows corn, hemp grows wildly on the farm and surrounding farms. The soil is very rich in Wisconsin and needs very little water.  During the winter the ground freeze only about 4 feet allowing water to flow underneath keeping the soil well nourished. The farm has its own brook and water rights with pumping stations.

On the additional 40 acres of land greenhouses will be built to house the seedlings for each planting, if timed right 2 plantings per year could be done, further increasing the revenue of the farm.

The parties have agreed on a purchase price of $1,500,000 for the property that includes 3 sections of tillable land totaling 160 acres.

The test harvest will generate more than enough money to cover the cost of the purchase of the farm and fund the future operations on the farm. The initial harvest should yield $6-$8 million fully funding the farms next harvest of 160 acres and building a first class CBD lab.


Integrated Cannabis is building a state of the art processing plant with enough capacity to handle its 10 times its 160 acres.  The issue farmers have growing hemp is where to sell the biomass. Integrated through its Co-Op will assist farmers in creating sustainable revenue generating crops free of tariffs.

The property already has a 3,000 square foot storage barn with a cement slab and an additional slab next to the barn to build another building, that will house a CBD lab to turn the plants into CBD Isolate.

Integrated has applied for a Grow and Processing license in Wisconsin, which is moving through the process.  Once the license is granted work will begin on the test grow of 20 acres and the equipment and building for the processing plant will be ordered.  

The Future

Wisconsin’s new Governor has stated he would like to bring Medical Cannabis to the State.  Integrated will be able to submit for Medical Retail, Manufacturing, and Cultivation licenses in Wisconsin once they are available. With existing infrastructure and licences, this would position Integrated Cannabis to be a leader in Wisconsin by having the ability to both store and process industrial hemp into CBD Isolate, and easily pivet into new opportunities.

Integrated Cannabis has been reviewing other opportunities within the Cannabis sector such as additional licenses and will begin to give further updates shortly.

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