$211 Million Acquisition has Proven this Company to be a Globally Recognized Leader in the Development of Digital Humans

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 18: A holographic image of Michael Jackson performs onstage during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 18, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Billboard Awards 2014/Getty Images for DCP)

Pulse Evolution Group, Inc. (OTC:DGLF), formerly Recall Studios, is a globally recognized, market leading developer of hyper-realistic digital humans – computer generated assets that can be distributed across the full spectrum of traditional media and emerging display technologies, including live entertainment, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, interactive and artificial intelligence applications. 

Pulse Evolution Group, Inc. is committed to applications of Mixed Reality (VR and AR) and the important role that digital humans and artificial intelligence will play in the world of immersive entertainment.

Acquiring a Pioneer in an Emerging Market: Pulse Evolution Corporation

Virtual Reality technology company Recall Studios acquired two key portfolio companies of tech visionary John Textor, recently profiled in Forbes Magazine as “Hollywood’s Virtual Reality Guru”.  Recall acquired substantially all of Textor’s Evolution AI Corporation, a developer of digital humans as an “interface of AI”. The acquisition also included a controlling interest in Pulse Evolution Corporation, a globally recognized leader in the development of hyper-realistic digital humans for entertainment. 

Pulse Evolution is best known for one of the world’s most watched performances of a digital character in the live entertainment industry, the holographic appearance of Virtual Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, performing the previously unreleased Slave to the Rhythm in front of a live audience, generating more than 11 million domestic television viewers, 100 million YouTube views, 2,400 news articles and more than 98 billion internet impressions.


See the Pulse Evolution’s introduction of Virtual Michael Jackson Below

Pulse Founder John Textor joins Chairman Alexander Bafer as CEO brings World-class Reputation for Academy Award-winning Visual Effects

Pulse founder John Textor has joined as CEO of Recall Studios, bringing significant credibility  to the company’s business development initiatives in the fast growing entertainment technology sectors.  Mr. Textor has a long track record in high-profile tech startups and growth stage businesses. 

He is best known for his leadership in the visual effects productions and technologies of more than two dozen ‘blockbuster’ Hollywood feature films, resulting in 8 Academy Awards for ‘Best Visual Effects’ and ‘Scientific and Technical Achievement’ earned by Textor’s companies and teams of artists.

See a Sample of Mr. Textor’s Groundbreaking Visual Effects work in Feature Films, Commercials and Video Games Below

Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Mr. Textor’s long history of leadership in technology has been over-shadowed in recent years as he and his companies have become more commonly known as the principal creators of the Holographic Music Industry. 

In 2015, Mr. Textor even achieved ‘pop culture status’ as he was parodied in the ‘Happy Holograms’ episode of the globally successful animated sitcom, South Park.

After creating the world’s first believable digital humans, such as Brad Pitt’s elder digital likeness in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), and Jeff Bridge’s younger digital likeness in Tron: Legacy (2010), Mr. Textor introduced the world to the possibilities of holographic concert entertainment with Virtual Tupac at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music Festival, resulting in more than 200 million YouTube views and the birth of the modern holographic music industry.

Watch the Event, and the Global Response it Created Below

NYSE Up-listing now Planned after Completion of Transformative Acquisitions

Pulse Evolution Group, Inc. recently filed its first post-acquisition quarterly report (Form 10-Q), for the period ended September 30, 2018, revealing the purchase accounting impacts on the company’s balance sheet and its satisfaction of certain net equity requirements for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Click Here to read DGLF’s 3rd Quarter 2018 Quarterly Report

Pulse Evolution Group, Inc. commissioned a third-party valuation firm to assess the value of Pulse Evolution’s impressive human animation technology portfolio, as well as the value of other acquired trademarks, technologies and technology licenses, resulting in an adjusted balance sheet of $209.3 million in technology assets and $273.0 million in stockholders’ equity.

DGLF’s transformative acquisition of Evolution AI Corporation and Pulse Evolution Corporation has positioned the company for an up-listing to a national stock exchange…and the company has recently filed a Schedule 14C with the SEC, to seek approval of certain corporate actions necessary to make application to the New York Stock Exchange.

The principals, technologies and high-profile projects of Pulse Evolution Group have already made their mark on a global scale and have garnered the respect and admiration of global press and audiences alike. It also helps that DGLF counts within its shareholder group the Michael Jackson Estate, the Elvis Estate, and the Marilyn Monroe Estate. 

What the World is Saying


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